Invitational Risk and Reward

My daughter (18) is currently working in an Ice Cream Cafe in Germany trying to earn enough money for her year out in Mozambique
and Cambodia. The popular cafe attracts mainly Germans but on occasions English speakers. My daughter has only been in the country for 2 weeks but has already been asked for her email address and her phone number on two separate occasions. On the second time a young man had been coming to the cafe towards the end of her shift for a number of days. Eventually the nervous young man asked her for her phone number. My daughter gently turned down his request for her contact number. She told her mother she felt really sorry for him. She said ‘it was like shooting a puppy in the face!’.

Now one hopes that the young man has the courage to invite another girl out for life is full of the possibility of rejection but to not risk a rejection is to stop living a life of adventure. Invitation is full of risk and reward, disappointment and opportunity.