How great church leaders inspire invitational action

How do you explain when some church leaders are able to defy all of the assumptions that it is nearly impossible to get the whole congregation to invite. I have found that these Church Leaders all think, act and communicate in the exact same way and it is the complete opposite to everyone other church leader

The key to understanding this are three questions Why? How? and What?

Nearly every church on the planet knows what it does, every church knows how they do it. But very few churches demonstrate why they do it. All inspired leaders start with the why.Normally I hear church leaders say We have a good act of worship, We are very welcoming, and friendly but these are  the what and the how. But these church leaders fail to say the why. People are not so interested in what you do but they are fascinated in why you do it

When we communicate from the why we are talking to the part of the person that controls behaviour, then we are able to  allow people to rationalise by the things we do. But be careful what you do just proves what you believe!

People will accept invitations for themselves. I have discovered that there are church leaders and those who lead. Church Leaders hold the position of power or authority but those who lead inspire people. People will follow those who lead not because they have to, but because they want to. They follow them not for leader but for themselves.