Coaching of church leaders to help their churches become invitational

Two questions I always want to ask church leaders who want their churches to become invitational are What do you want to do? and What is stopping you getting there? Very often the thing that stops us is a fearful looking at outcomes, possibilities and what ifs, which sometimes are not helpful

Michael Johnson the Olympic 200 and 400 metre champion in his book Goldrush paraphrases a concept found in Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians in the seventh chapter where it talks about examining yourself Johnson talks about knowing yourself understanding your weaknesses and strengths and being comfortable with them But then being able to make the adjustment and account for both weaknesses and strengths I have found that we can focus on one’s weaknesses and use them to grow in our relationship with Christ.

On a quest to examine yourself to see if your faith is genuine when doubts and fears come you understand where
they come from and then deal deal with and manage them, unless we do they will ultimately control and paralyse which is
where many of us are today.