Someday Syndrome and Invitation

One of my mentors is Jim Rohn and he said “You cannot make progress without making decisions.” Many of us are hesitant about inviting our friends to church because we fear the reaction that we might get from our friend. We can tend to have “someday syndrome”! Someday we will get our services right and then I will invite. Someday I will get around to asking my friend to church. Someday they will not be busy on a Sunday morning. Someday I will pluck up the courage. Someday….. We have this wonderful human dignity called choice. God says “choose you this day”. I was told a story once of a man who went into a bookshop and saw a book with the title “Hesitant”. He just wasn’t sure whether to buy it! Are we going to wait for something to happen someday or make something happen? We can make progress for ourselves and other people by making a decision to invite.