Inviting Friends into the life of the church

When people come on their own to church, it takes the effort of the congregation to notice the stranger and then transform the stranger into a sister/brother. The advantage of Back to Church Sunday is that it is easier to help someone to break into the life of the church family. You know your friend best, and can think in advance, who he or she might enjoy talking with. Friends within the congregation can play their part that day by helping your friend feel really welcome. Often through conversation, your friend is able to find out more about the church, can discover that there are other people who have the same passions or interests as they do, and still are part of the church. They can explore other people’s views and compare and contrast them with their own. Also by introducing them to your friends at church they may feel more confident returning to the act of worship when you are away, if they know somebody else in the congregation. We grow most in relationship with God through our relationships with other people. So invite your friends into the life of the church.