Invitational Conflict and the Kingdom

Jesus went about inviting people to take part in the Kingdom how did he practice love. He said the following things

“Get thee behind me Satan”,

“Let the dead bury the dead”,

“You brood of vipers”,

“This one thing you lack”,

“you serve your father the devil”

The goal of Christ of course was to so love people as to call the greatness out of them in identifying the thing locking this greatness. Jesus held people accountable to the scriptures.¬†Honest and bold speech is important and shouldn’t be dismissed so that folks can get along.
We can’t be careless with our words and we must be intentional about our language, for it reveals our heart, and it will be a way in which we are judged.

But Invitation can lead you into conflict and that often is a sign that battle for the kingdom has been joined