Seminar 1 – Unlocking the Growth

Doubling a congregation in a day

On September 25th 2011 thousands of Christians across the world invited their friends to church, many people accepted that invitation. 100,000 Christians had 100, 000 accepted invitations. Surveys show that people  consider going to church if given an invitation.

The Seminar offers simple and effective ideas for increasing the number of people gathered to invitational services. It is specifically designed for church leaders and lay people who want to see their church grow.

Topics include:
– The reasons Christians don’t invite
– Hidden attitudes in our churches
– How to overcome the wounds of the past?
– How welcome plays its part?
– What is church in 2012?
– The keys to adding to the church
– 12 steps of kicking the habit of being an uninviting church, ie how to double a congregation in a day