Ordinary Miracles – Results

People who have experienced the Ordinary Miracles Seminars have found the following results

• Releasing gifts in the congregation
• Igniting, motivating and inspiring a congregation to work together
• Equipping with practical and simple, user-friendly tools
• Moving from welcome to transformation
• Changing perception on what is possible with God
• Identifying and overcoming fears and obstacles
• Replacing ambivalence, cynicism and scepticism (where present) with enthusiasm
• Leading from the imagination not the memory
• Addressing the spirituality of failure
• Offering challenge, passion and insight
• Provoking thought about assumptions
• Offering ways to turn discouragement to possibility
• Enabling the move from tiredness to energy and empowerment
• Distinguishing goals and desires
• Exploring the joy of persistent day to day ministry
• Reminders on what it means for God to give the growth