Rejection again

11 days journey by foot to Israel became 40 years. They had the ark of God leading them in to the land. The Ark was adorned by two angels. God provided food directly for Adam and Eve but they wanted control over the garden , the only tree that mattered was the Masters own tree,the tree of knowledge. Our parents wanted to own the whole refrigerator, not gifts from God. By the sweat of your brow you shall make bread, and struggle to make it was God’s verdict. We were then exiled from the garden and two angels at the entrance so we could not get back The people of Israel left Egypt and with short notice did not have time to take food for the journey and trusted God. God provided the bread from heaven manna as they followed God through the desert the opposite of a garden. The rejection of God in the garden was redeemed by the acceptance of God through the food of God on the journey to the promised land, led by the ark adorned with two angels to usher Israel into the land. Alas the dark spectre of the tree of knowledge was still there, they rejected the manna bread God had given, and a whole generation would perish. But why reject this heaven made bread? We can see if we turn to Numbers 11:1-9 As if they were mourning is a better translation for complaining, they desired something,  all needs taken care of, living from the hand of God, but it doesn’t feel normal. Let’s have meat. We remember the fish cucumbers watermelons, leeks onions, garlic. They are underground food, or under water food. They wanted to get as far as we can get from the heavens. It was an attempt once more to ultimately control their food source. They don’t want to to live from the hand of God, they wanted to be back in Egypt. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ who wants to bless us from his own hands, feet, and side all wounded for us and his church.