Post Human?

Those who develop the technological platforms we use, know of the limitations of those platforms. A growing practice in Silicon Valley is an Internet Sabbath, consisting of black hole locations where they turn in their technology for a day.¬†In our Super accelerated world many of us have the sense that our Lives have accelerated to machine speed we are living at a post human rate, we have time saving devices but less and less time. We can make better and better contact with people across the four corners of the earth but seem to have lost the ability of being in contact with ourselves. We have more and more information and less and less ability to process and more and more data but it does seem to make us more wise, in fact less wise. As a car can’t teach you how to drive, so our machines can’t teach us how to use them well. And so in Silicon Valley Google take 20 percent of the time off to let their minds wander. The typical American spends 8.5 hours on screen each day. We seem to be on an accelerated roller coaster that we didn’t ask to get on, and now we don’t know how to get off. Revisit some of the Sabbath principles of the Christian bible and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church