A Society of stress

Stress not an emotional state of being upset, stress is a physiological response of the body to a threat. It is a necessary response to short term threat but in the long term those same substances that in the short term help you escape, in the long term make you sick. Adrenaline helps you escape, but in the long term makes us vulnerable to heart disease, strokes anxiety, and high blood pressure. Cortisol suppreses inflammation and gives more sugar, more energy, for flight or flight but in the long term suppresses the immune system, makes you depressed, thins your bones gives you ulcers and interferes with memory.¬†We live in a society of stress. People are stressed by threat, uncertainty, loss of control lack of information, and conflict. People’s physiology is day to day being challenged by chronic stress. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ who said don’t be afraid and his church.

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