Your Calling

Unused creativity is not benign if you are not using it it does not just sit there doing nothing It churns and turns into something like the frustration that we feel. We need to stop and ask ourselves what was our favourite thing to do when you were ten years old? What was our favourite thing to do when someone said you were no good at it? That harsh comment stopped the thing that gave us the greatest joy, the most sense of becoming in the world. Now we have been bored for many years we have got a job, bought a house, became a good consumer but we are a little dead. This frustration is reminding us that we are allowed to be a participant in this world not just a spectator. Any life guided by curiosity rather than by fear will be creative. What is that something else you want to be doing and you are not doing? What is it going to take to answer the call? Your calling will push you towards uncertain outcomes and fear hates uncertain outcomes. We need to allow for fear so that we can participate in creation, we have a God -given right to leave a footprint in this world. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ who is the Caller and his church.

our calling