The necessary companion

The real reason we don’t move ahead when God calls us to invite someone is always and only fear. I don’t care what the excuses or rationalisations as to why we are not responding to the call of God, it is always because of tumbling piles of fear. Fear is a necessary companion in life and rather than pushing through or conquering fear it will always be there in the background. We should have no desire to become a fearless person, because there is something missing from that person. We should have a respect for fear, for everyone of us can point to a point of life that we were saved
by fear. The problem with fear is that it doesn’t know the difference between a genuinely fearful situation and a time to grow. God will always provoke your fear and it is probably best in those circumstances where fear rises, that we speak directly to it and tell it that ‘your services are probably not needed here for no one is going to die!’ ‘You can come with me but I am doing this.’
Fear does not get to make any decisions, you can’t let fear have control because it will shut down the call of God and your life will be so much smaller than it needs to be. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church