The gospels and the Activities of the Apostles gives us numbers of incidents where both Jesus, the disciples and the early church are rejected. Jesus was unable to do any miracles in his home town, but that did not stop him on his journey. Peter and John were jailed but praised God and were released to new ministry. Demetrius, a silversmith of Ephesus, which made silver shrines for the pagan goddess Diana, raises an uproar against Paul, because Paul’s preaching was making him lose his gain and wealth, and he claimed his craft was in danger and the temple of the goddess Diana would be despised. The people were full of wrath, and dragged Paul and his companions into a theatre. After some tumultuous proceedings, the town clerk said there was no cause against Paul, and released him. God often redirects our path through the opposition or rejection of others. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ (who was directed (and redirected at times) by his Father) and the church.