Surprising Blessing

What did Abraham feel when God said to him to leave your land and your father’s house and go to a land which I will show you what did he feel? – we have no idea, the bible does not mention any emotion. what did Abraham feel, what did Isaac feel when God said to take Isaac your only son and offer him up as a burnt offering? We don’t know there is no reference to emotion. The first emotion we see is in the rejected Ishmael and Esau. These scenes are overwhelmingly emotional they are the first two scenes in Genesis when anyone cries. Our mind tells us yes it had to Issac and not Ishmael and Jacob and not Esau chosen. But our emotion tells us that we can not but identify with Ishmael and Esau. If we read carefully despite the younger brother being chosen over the older brother God blesses them both, your son Ishmael will be made into a great nation and have 12 princes. Esau is given Seir as an inheritance and they become the Edomites. Esau’s blessings come true before Jacob’s blessings. God loves us all and has blessing for all if we will receive it. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.