Our motivations

Many of our motivations are fear based such as missed opportunities. Fear leads you to look inward because you might fail and your world becomes really small because we don’t want to risk.¬†Self protection is also fear based, this started in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve realised that there was nothing between them and God so they take fig leaves and cover themselves. So it is with us we are always protecting never trusting. Fear also produces cynicism. This is defence mechanism enabling us not to engage the world. It keeps us as the expert and everyone else is a idiot. It is really a deflection of engagement where we evaluate rather than getting involved. A cynics criticism is rejection turned inward and then it turns outward lashing out verbally. Insecurity is also fear based, one always has to have the best clothes, go to the best restaurants have a bigger house, a nicer car. If people don’t perceive us as successful we don’t feel accepted. One way out of fear is to abide, to submit yourself to God, to draw your significance from Him rather than from people. Abide is similar to the concept of the shield mentioned in the Old testament, it surrounds you. You o lord are a shield about me. So we can pursue the source of our fear rather than run away. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church

fear based motivation