Fear of Change

It was a time of transition, Jesus said to the disciples “I am going away”. In Ecclesiastes 3 it says for everything there is a season birth and death. sowing and reaping, weeping and laughing. 24 seasons are mentioned. God manages our lives like he manages the earth through seasons. But in the transition Jesus said to the disciples “My Father will send the Counsellor so don’t be troubled or afraid” The Holy Spirit will be our guide,  as you face the fear of what comes next don’t be afraid for God will never send you alone. Change is God’s way of changing people, Gideon changed from farmer to general. Mary peasant girl to mother of Christ. Joseph baby brother to prince of Egypt
David shepherd to King, Simon Peter from Galilean fisherman to worldwide apostle.
As Max Lucado says in his Fearless Sermon Series “to use them to change their world he had to change them in their world.” In our moment of change remember what happened to you in the womb. Everything that happened in the 9 month period was to prepare you for the next life. You had lungs but did you breathe?  Feet but could  you walk in the womb? We were displaying the tools of the next life. As Paul said these little troubles are getting us ready for eternal glory, but God will never send you alone. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.