Deepen faith

Faith is not a fixed thing, we can deepen our faith, and that is what God is trying to do with all of us. But some of us feel that once you have faith, you have it. Faith has become fixed for those people. There are physiological manifestations to our faith mindset. Brain scans show people with fixed faith mindset have brains that become most active when receiving information about how the person has performed such as a result or a score. For the person who is looking to grow their faith, their brain becomes more active when receiving information about what they could do better next time. People with a fixed faith mindset worry about how they are judged, whereas those with growth faith mindset focus the most on learning. Fixed faith mindset people see effort as a bad thing but growth faith mindset people see effort as the way to grow, Fixed mindset lose interest or withdraw. Growth mindset people know setbacks are part of growth. Grow through invitation and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

deeper faith