Frozen A battle of fear and love

In the film Frozen Elsa’s powers grow and become uncontrollable when she is scared. Every catastrophe in which she is involved is caused by her fear.

The key moment I believe in the film is when Grand Pabble a wise elderly troll says to Elsa that ”Fear will be her enemy.” So what do Elsa and her parents do? They give in to fear. Fear of her powers dominates their decisions. She basically shuts herself in her room. She does her best to never use her powers. She tries to wish them away, to suppress them, to act as if they don’t exist.

The problem isn’t Elsa’s powers. It is the fact that she never learns to control her fear – and thereby control her powers.
Instead of taking the wise action, which would be to encourage Elsa to practice using her powers – and use them for good – the plan appears to have been to pretend her powers didn’t exist and hope they went away.

Pabble goes on to say that it is only an act of true love that can thaw a frozen heart. Although the movie doesn’t explicitly say this, the clear implication is that true love is selfless love.
“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (Gospel of John 15:13)

Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ (who can thaw the frozen heart) and his church

Fear will be your enemy