The Broken hearted

God sent Jesus to heal the broken hearted. Most of us (whether we are followers of Christ or not) have wounds from our past, where our hearts have been broken. We suppress the feeling of those wounds. It takes energy to suppress these wounds, so we can be fatigued and tired all the time. Tiredness can be a sign of hidden fears and wounds! At the root of these wounds is the fear of being alone, disconnected and being unloved and unaccepted.¬†In order to overcome our fear of feeling those wounds from the past, we need to face our fear by knowing that God is with us and that God loves us and accepts us. To take John Bon Jovi’s words from the song It’s my life “This is our God who is for the broken hearted, God wants you to live while you’re alive”. Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ who came to heal the broken hearted and his church.

broken hearted