The Invisible Immune system of Mission

Fear is causing us all sorts of trouble in the area of mission. Lack of mission is caused by fear. Most of the church does not feel fear or stress because we have got used to being stressed out! Fear does its damage even if we are unaware of it. Look at the five things fear does to a human body and then we will look at what it does to the body of the church. 1. Fear suppresses the immune system which is where sickness comes from. 2. Fear dumbs you down, it shuts blood flow away from your higher neurological centres 3. Fear makes you tired all the time, because after a rush of adrenaline from cortisol, we go to into a crash. 4. Fear causes you to come at whatever you are doing in a negative perspective. Low self-worth, rejection, unforgiveness ¬†5. Fear causes you to fail because it does the first four. In mission fear suppresses faith an invisible immune system. It produces distorted truth (see the reasons we don’t invite). It creates apathy, and tiredness from avoidance of missional prompting from God. Fear reminds us of a false identity, and this causes us to avoid mission (see blog Invitational wounds named in a survey). Face your fear today with the immune system of faith and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

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