The Gethsemane Principles

In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus faces his fear, but how did he do it and can we learn how we can face our own challenges in life? I see five principles. Firstly he involved his friends, he had disciples with him and his closest companions Peter and the sons of Zebedee. Secondly he expressed emotion, “he began to be troubled and sorrowful”. Thirdly he coped actively by petitioning his Father. Fourthly he altered his perception “Take this cup away, but if not your will be done”. Fifthly he faced his fear by saying to his disciples “Rise, let us go, here comes my betrayer”.

Now if we reverse the order we can remember how Jesus faces a challenge faces can be turned into an acronynm

Face rather than flee the fear Rise let us go Here comes my betrayer

Alter your perception Take this cup away but if not your will be done

Cope Actively He prayed to his Father

Express Emotion he began to be troubled and sorrowful

Social Support (enhanced it) Jesus takes his friends with him

 Face your fear today and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church