In a few days time we begin a Season of Invitation here in the UK. People have asked me why we need such a thing? Let’s wander together through a typical invitation. First of all we pluck up the courage to invite our friend. To our surprise and delight they say yes! We meet them at the door of the church building, we sit next to them in church service (nervously). We then afterwards introduce them to friends over coffee and biscuits, and then comes the moment of truth, the second invitation. All sensible people would just ask, shall we do this again next week? Unfortunately a version of Christian lockjaw takes hold of us and we cannot get the question out! We start to justify why we can’t ask the question, by thinking to ourselves, that our friend is an adult and if they wanted to come for a second time they would ask us! A season of invitation gives us the opportunity and inviting our friends to the next seasonal act of worship. Invite someone today to take a closer look at Christ and his church.