Fear Myths

Myth 1 Fear is painful

It’s a mistake to think that fear is painful. Yes, fear is uncomfortable, but it delivers great pleasure. When they shove you out of the airplane before the parachute opens, you forget all the nonsense of this world. The brush with death makes you appreciate how good it is to be alive. You’re plugged into reality. Suddenly life is a thrill!

Myth 2 Fear is paralyzing

People think that fear is paralyzing and reduces your potential. Actually, the opposite is true. Fear can generate super-human feats. We’ve all heard stories about a mother who picked up a car to save her child trapped underneath. Facing fear is empowering. It gives you strength you never knew you had.

Myth 3 Fear means loss of freedom

People avoid fear in order to preserve independence. We think if there’s an outside force telling us what to do, we’ll be intimidated into becoming a robot. We’d rather choose to do the right thing on our own. Fear of the Almighty is different. When you fear violating God’s word, that frees your potential. Why? Because God doesn’t want to control you, God only wants what’s good for you. So fear of God becomes freedom from nonsense, from silly fears, from pettiness. If you fear God, you’re free from all other fears in the world. Activate that freedom today and invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

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