Pray and Invite

Moses cried out to God after his sister Miriam was smitten with biblical leprosy for speaking a disapproving speech about her brother. Miriam had initiated a brief discussion with her other brother, Aaron, concerning Moses’s relationship with Zippporah, the woman he had married (Numbers 12:1-3). And then suddenly -God came down among them, explaining Moses’s unique role as his prophet and as his ever-ready servant (Numbers 12:4-6). “How dare you speak that way about My servant?” And Miriam was struck with a biblical leprosy that compelled her into a humiliating exile outside the Jewish encampment.
The bible records that Moses wasted no time, crying out: (God, please, heal her,) (Numbers 12:13). In only four words, Moses pleaded with earth-shaking force for Miriam. And she was healed.
Prayer is a powerful vehicle.  Pray to God today for someone to invite, and then invite them to take a closer look at Christ and his church.