God’s Invitation to us

“Come to Pharaoh … that you may know I am ” (Exodus 10:1-10:2).
It would make sense for God to tell Moses to “go” to Pharaoh to warn of the forthcoming locusts. Like his ancestor Abraham, Moses is being directed by God where to head. But the language of the verse is specific, and God, rather than saying “go,” tells Moses to “come.” The Hebrew word “bo,” usually translated as “go,” literally means “come.”“Come to Pharaoh” seems like an odd choice of words, but the implication of that one simple word in hebrew, bo, is an important guideline for us all. The implication is that Moses will “come with God.” They are in partnership and come together as they approach the ruler of Egypt. There’s no such thing as “going” from God. God fills the world. There is nowhere where God is not. No place can exist if God is not there. You can’t “go” from God. Therefore the expression “Come to Pharaoh” is more apt because it also means, “Come – and I will go with you.” God invites us into mission and we go with God. Invite someone today as prompted by God to take a closer look at Christ his church and know that you are walking with God.