Lack of Confidence

I spoke with someone responsible for changing the culture of their group of churches from a lack of confidence to confidence. He had done a Back to Church Sunday before and in his words it was a “failure”. When asking why he told me that he had asked a few of his people why they didn’t invite anyone. They told the person that they couldn’t bring themselves to invite someone or they couldn’t think of anyone. This so called failure showed that we need to ask God who to invite and support those who cannot presently bring themselves to invite. As Theologian John Drane says “there is a domination of Christian thinking by an essentially heretical view of God, deriving from Greek philosophy, in which all our theological outcomes need to be successful, and where there is little or no space for tragedy and suffering, or for emotions like grief and failure.” Ask God today who to invite and then go and invite them to take a closer look at Christ and his church, but share all outcomes with God

Confidence - Lack of