Disputation in mission

I am asking church leaders around the world to get into disputation in mission. Disputation is the art of putting your thoughts to the test. It means a commitment to dispute with those no-good feelings and thoughts that have undermined the confidence of the church for so many years. Below you will see the thoughts and feelings undermining confidence. Dispute them and encourage congregational members to invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

I suffer I don’t want my friend to suffer
my friend won’t want to go My friend said no to me last year
We have no non-church going friends
It’s the church leader’s job!
I was never invited I was born into the church
What if it damages my friendship
Our services and people are unpredictable
I fear what the congregation will think of my friend is not ‘our’ type of people
Don’t want to be seen as strange
I would not know what to say and they might ask something about my faith