The reason for one on one invitation

Whilst Jesus and the early church taught crowds of people, there are a lot of incidents where the interaction is one on one. I love the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch who had been to Jerusalem to worship and on returning home met Philip the Evangelist who had been told by an angel to go to the road from Jerusalem to Gaza. The angel then said go to that chariot and stay near it. There he finds one man reading scripture. I love the fact that this is a one on one invitation prompted by God through an angel. Why is one on one important? To answer in the words of the Eunuch…How can I understand unless I have a teacher to teach me? This theme of God’s concern for individuals is echoed throughout the whole of scripture. Psalm 139 begins “You have searched ‘me’ O Lord and you know ‘me’!” Everyone is special in the sight of God. Invite someOne today to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

Personal Evangelism