Early Adopters

Seth Godin author, speaker and blogger has brought to the world’s attention the Japanese word Otaku. Otaku is to be fascinated even to the extreme of obsession. Innovators and early adopters are obsessed about something. Godin says ‘ if you don’t have an early-adopter constituency for a product, it won’t work. We need to find the┬ápeople who are listening, and may be they’ll tell their friends. Cornelius the Centurion in Acts was Otaku, it says he was God-fearing and he was open to Peter’s message. Whenever the Apostle Paul went to a new town he went to find the people who were open to his message. Jesus taught to us find the people of peace. The early church spread the message one person at a time. Ask God today who in your world who would be open to the message and invite them to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

early adopters