The Saturated Self in mission

How can we be people in mission when there is so much to do and so little time? The concept of the saturated self is a real obstacle in mission, let me explain. A century ago, many people lived their entire lives in small communities of familiar and like-minded people. Long distances were a real barrier between people, and one’s cast of ‘significant others’ stayed relatively stable throughout a lifespan. The new technologies of the early 20th century–telephone, automobiles, radios, electric lights–that began the transformation of modern life now seem like unremarkable necessities. “In the past three or four decades, television has provided a source of enormous
social stimulation at very low cost, air transportation can now bring together two people from opposite points of the globe in little more than 24 hours; personal computers, microchips, satellite transmitters, ¬†have set a vast, humming grid of connections upon the entire world. Through these technologies, we are now, whether directly or indirectly, significantly connected to vastly more people. We have become saturated. It is difficult to fit in another relationship in our lives. Therefore we need to intentionally make space for mission……. so what needs to go? Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

so little time