Stronger under pressure

I heard about an environment scientists were trying to create in the desert. They created a dome structure that would grow all sorts of plants and trees. They would plant all types of wildlife. But as the trees would grow, they started to bend back towards the ground. The scientists were baffled over this. They gave the trees proper care, nourishment, and sunlight, but they still would grow straight for awhile, and then bend towards the ground. Finally one of the scientists realized that there was no wind. The trees needed wind to face resistance to make them grow strong under pressure. I think of Joseph who was forgotten for years in prison. I think of David harassed by King Saul. I think of the early church being persecuted by Saul. God was with them as the faced rejection and persecution. Invite someone today to take a closer look at Christ and his church and you may face the wind of a rejection.

Under Pressure