Discerning the person of peace

A person of peace is someone who welcomes you and your message, they are prepared to hear the message. Perhaps our prayer should be, “bring into my path today a person of person”. The wonderful thing is that God does the preparing of the hearts of the person. Our job is the to discern who they are. In the Acts of the Apostles Paul uses the approach in Macedonia where he knows no one but he looks for the person of peace and he finds Lydia. Lydia invites Paul around to her household. Later on Paul finds another person of peace when in prison. The jailer invites Paul back to his household. God does the work, but we must discern. Not everyone is equally ready, we can plant and water but God gives the growth. I pray that God helps us discern people of peace and that we can then invite them to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

Person of Peace