Invitation Why not dive in?

We have all seen it at the local pool. A young lad, full of bravado, climbs up to the high diving board, waves at his mates, then looks down. Suddenly he is not so brave. What next? Conquer his fear and jump, or climb down to his sniggering mates? There is consolation for anyone who has been in that position; the Olympic bronze medalist understands our fear, he has been there. Tom Daley is the boy who captured the hearts of grandmothers, teenage girls, and many others after competing at two Olympics. But every day, every dive, Daley is frightened as he stands on that platform, suspended in mid-air. “I get scared every time I go up there, that adrenaline doesn’t go away. It gets easier as you go through a training session, but you’re still scared when you go up there. Anyone would be. I wouldn’t believe a diver who said they’re not.” Invite someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church and as you invite it will get easier, but there can still be an adrenaline rush.

high dive