The Law of Reaping and Sowing

Whatever you reap you’ve sown if you don’t like the crop look at who planted it. The law of sowing and reaping has five key points

1. It can be negative if you sow bad you reap bad – if you plant nettles you get nettles

2. It can be positive you get tomatoes from planting tomato

3. You don’t reap what you sow you get more – works both positive and negative you do not reap what you sow. You get back much more. For every disciplined effort your reward will be multiplied. But if you sow to the wind you will reap the whirlwind sins of the father go to the second third 4th generation, so be careful what you sow

4. You could lose (whatever you do). That is the whole truth! Sometimes when you sow you don’t reap because of a hailstorm But what will you do next spring? Come harvest time you will reap more often than not. Therefore you should you take another risk

5. If you don’t sow positive (you don’t even have a chance)

Sow the seed of Invitation by inviting someone to take a closer look at Christ and his church.

the law of sowing and reaping