New Year Certainties not Resolutions

I am not sure about New Year’s Resolutions.  To me, resolutions are things we set up in our minds that we want to be really  firm in our commitment too, but then when we miss the mark, they seem to encourage  us to give up somehow. They whisper in our ears, “It’s okay… you gave it your best shot… you can’t really make this change happen.” There’s a crash-and-burn factor that is all to familiar when making resolutions.  It’s that all or nothing mentality. If you miss the mark, somehow, the journey ends. I want to have New Year Certainties for my goals and dreams. Then I will work to make them happen and whatever obstacle gets in my way, that obstacle will give way to my certainty. I reiterate my dream of seeing 1 million Christians inviting 1 million friends in a day. It is a certainty!