Invitational Push-Ups

A push-up or a press-up is a common calisthenics exercise performed  in a prone position by raising and lowering the body using the arms.  Push-ups exercise and strengthen the pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids. “If you can only do 20 push ups, and you do 20, can you do more?”  The answer is yes, if you wait a little bit and try again. The more push ups you do the more your muscles are strengthened and the more you can do. But as you build and strengthen muscles they tear and grow. In the same way if you want to  become invitational, you just have to do your invitational push ups, which means you keep inviting, and as you invite there is some pain but your invitational muscle grows. So invite someone today to take a closer look at Christ and His church and build your invitational muscle.

Push ups