Invitational Metamorphosis

If you share Christ’s teaching with another, two things happen. Firstly when one person shares with another, the person receiving the teaching could be transformed, but so could the person doing the sharing. If you invite someone to take a closer look at the teaching then it could be the right time for that person. But the person who does the sharing could also be transformed.  It’s a bit like the
caterpillar that one day says I think I was made for more than this, crawling on the ground. They make the effort to crawl up a tree, weave a cocoon and out comes a butterfly and so  in sharing there  is some effort in understanding the teaching and then overcoming fear but as a result there is  a possibility of metamorphosis. Part of this will come if you translate for others what’s in your heart and soul, it brings the teaching into the light. Share an invitation today and begin the possibility of double transformation.