The 12 o’clock Invitation

Don’t get down when you invite someone and they say no. You can’t make them be ready for your invitation, it has to be the right time of their life. The right time I call the 12 o’clock invitation. God is working with everyone, but many are not at 12 o’clock . Some people ,you invite them and they are at 3 o’clock, some are at 6 o’clock, some are at 9 o’clock and some are at 11 o’clock but they are still not ready. We need to find the person who is at 12 o’clock. But we need to be inviting  enough people to find the people at 12 o’clock. But I believe by inviting you move people further on the clock face. For some it might be by 5 minutes, others it might be 30 minutes and still for others hours. Your invite is worth something in the life of the invited. So invite someone today.