Obstacles to Invitation

As I travel around the world I often hear people give the following reason that a church is not inviting. They say “in this town it is a little bit different.” But also when I go to Canada or Australia etc. they say to me “I need you to understand that people here  are a little bit different, we are not quite the same as they are in other countries.” I have come to the conclusion that we have bought into the belief that there is some reason that is just an un-moveable obstacle hindering mission. Very patiently I ask, do people care here about their families?  Do they want the best for their loved ones? Are they caring and loving people? If so I have found the same thing is true for everybody around the world. We as human beings, at heart, are the same.  Like carrots can come in different colours and shades, at the core they are the same. Don’t accept that you have some obstacle that cannot be moved. It is a limiting belief which turns into limiting attitudes which turns into limiting activities which turns into limited results which turns into a limited missional life