What we can learn from the farmer in invitation

One of my best visits whilst on Seminar tour was to a farm in western Australia. There I learnt about what a modern day farmer has to do to plant a new crop. The farmer must follow the habit of clearing the ground fencing it plowing it and planting the seed at the right season of the year. All of which he must do in advance without compensation of any kind. In fact it might look  several days after doing this, that the farmer’s efforts are worthless. But if he does his part of the work properly he can then hand over to  God’s law of sowing and reaping. Within a brief period the law germinates the seed the farmer plants, matures it and can yield back to him the seed he planted plus perhaps a yield of a hundred times that amount to compensate him for having gone the extra mile. Invitation is very much like farming. We invite in faith that God will use that invitation to produce a huge crop in life of the person we invite, or perhaps our own.