Integrity in Invitation

The dictionary describes integrity as the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. For us all to adhere to the mission of going and making disciples we do need to be committed to the task, for it is so easy to give up.  I think we can learn from the Apostle Paul in this regard. He said here is the reputation that I want when I am gone. Firstly that I fought a good fight, whether I won every time does not matter, just that I fought a good fight. Secondly that I finished the task, I stayed until it was done and thirdly I kept the faith even when I faced the disappointment of someone not accepting an invitation. As a result I understand there is a crown waiting for me and frankly I deserve it. But that crown is not only for me said Paul, but for those who have done the same. May we all have a reputation like Paul.