Invitational Vision challenges apathy in the pew

As I travel the world the church in general is suffering from a malaise made up of boredom, apathy and general depression. I am often asked how do we deal with the apathy in the pews. People seems to be at their best when they are striving to a fulfillment of good and worthy ideas, when they are swept up by a great idea. Wherever you find boredom, you will find the absence of a great idea. When we are gripped by a good idea, our self worth is increased we find purpose. Henry David Thoreau said We have only to move confidently in the direction of our dreams, to meet with a success unexpected in uncommon ideas. Happiness and contentment comes when we strive for our goals, not when we reach them. Listen to this “Consider it pure joy, when you face trial and tribulations’. We have deep reservoirs of ability, beneath the surface of our lives. The direction required to combat the malaise comes from God, it can often be identified through our fears, hesitations anxieties and worries. One must constantly choose growth over safety. Fear must be overcome again and again. God given ideas and vision bring renewal.