Invitational Potential

Championing a new idea is a lonely business. The fear of laughter stops many an idea. To forgo popularity and stay on course despite the derision is a matter of grit and determination. The laughed at Alexan­der Bell about the tele­phone. They mocked Christo­pher Colum­bus but did he fall off the Earth?  They said to Henry Ford, Who needs a car? There are no roads any­way! They derided Thomas Edi­son about the oil-less light bulb. They told the Wright Broth­ers, it will never fly Orville. Man was never meant to fly. The vital characteristic they all showed was resilience, the ability to spring back after defeat, to ignore setbacks, disregard discouragement and rise above inevitable deterrents to action, to combat the sheer inertia and indifference of others. Only a man or woman of vision will press on in the cause, in face of the apathy of others. The hunger of these men revealed  stockpiles of reserves and energy. These reserves are called the second wind. But maybe we have a third wind, maybe even a tenth wind. The reserves lie dormant within us. Thus has been my experience of introducing invitation into the life of the church.