Mission Triplet Research Project

Whilst in Australia I am going to look for churches to trial Mission Triplets. A mission triplet is a simple plan for a group of three to meet together and study practice and share invitational experience, and is an exciting extension to the church’s mission life. During my seminars there is a particular time when most of the audience is committed to the idea of inviting someone. I call it the emotion of the moment. The longer we delay in following through, the more the law of diminishing intent comes into play. Some call it procrastination. Others call it hesitation or fear, but it is something that literally affects everyone every day. We get an idea, we pick up a tip. It makes us hopeful. It makes us feel the possibilities. We know it will work. Then doubt creeps in. So in order to capitalise on the emotion of the moment I suggest the following thought to church leaders Pastor Keith Taylor of Beulah Edmonton asks his congregation to write down on piece of paper placed under their seats the name of the person God is asking them to invite. (The emotion of the moment). Pastor Greg Murray of Melbourne suggested that if you bring three people together you get accountability. So if you form a mission triplet after naming the person you are going to invite, it gives some support to the God-given emotion of the moment, and therefore congregational members are more likely to invite, well that’s the theory!