A great reason to invite

I am very wary of success in our culture. I think it is a secular concept. So often it means something has worked in our lives. Well tell that to Joseph forgotten in prison, David being chased by Saul, the early church being persecuted and Jesus being rejected scorned, whipped and crucified. Joseph speaks for all when he said you meant it for harm but God meant it for my good. Today in our mustn’t fail world success is judged as fans, fame and fortune. But it is illusory and leads to slavery and not freedom to be who God meant us to be. But Christianity holds the keys to the universe. Consider it success when trials and tribulations come your way because they develop something within you. Man of course has always looked on the outside but God looks on the inside. God’s invitation is not just dealing with the externals but develops our faith, our family relationships and friendships.

you are invited