An Invitational Pin

Have you forgotten your pin number recently? I was reminded of my own failings in this area, by my daughter. Currently in Germany working, she went to the local cash point and made two attempts to put in a pin number she thought she knew only for the screen to say that it was the wrong pin. She put the pin number in for the third time and the card was swallowed by the cash point. She then had to go into the bank, practice her best German and retrieve the card. I think she must have caught this disease from me. I also have a good forgetory! Forgetting is a biblical concept. Adam and Eve forgot what God said. The children of Israel had commandments to help them remember key decrees for good living from God. I think we might have forgotten the great commission. But God has given us a code, his own pin number for us, just two letters long, “go”!