Invitation and the Law of Diminishing Intent

The blossom of thought is action. We come home from a time of inspiration absolutely determined that we are going to do something. The longer we delay the more the law of diminishing intent comes into play. Some call it procrastination. Others call it hesitation or fear,but it is something that literally affects everyone every day. We get an idea, we pick up a tip.It makes us hopeful. It makes us feel the possibilities. We know it will work. Then doubt creeps in. One’s ability to ignore the voice of doubt and follow the promptings of the faithful ONE on a daily basis is the most important factor in attaining our true happiness in this life. Don’t let your ideas fall by the wayside. Don’t wait to make that invitation. Don’t put off calling that person any longer.

Procrastination is my curse,
It brings me so much sorrow.
Course I can invite most any time –
In fact, I will! Tomorrow!

Strike while the iron’s hot. Choose you this day which voice you will serve.