Invitation is a movement to “go”

There is a paralysis of going in the church. It almost seems that sitting in church pews too long, has given us an inability to walk. Back to Church Sunday is helping the church to walk again. The church through years of it being at the centre of community life, has not had the need to ‘go’ in many western countries, because God has sent people to the church. Progressively over the years the church has regressed back to toddler status in the area of going. So along comes Back to Church Sunday and tries to encourage the toddler to walk. But as all parents know some babies are happy to crawl, and they need encouragement to walk. How long must parents encourage their reluctant toddlers to walk? Until they walk of course. There is plenty of drama with a toddler, falling over, crying, going back to crawling, shouts of encouragement, until eventually the toddler starts toddling and a movement begins which will enable the child to take many steps forward in life.