Overcoming my fear of anointing amongst the Mennonites

I have loved the Mennonite people ever since I saw the film Witness with Harrison Ford. Of course there is lots of variety amongst the Mennonite people with the Amish being one flavour. The first Mennonites came to Canada in 1786 from Pennsylvania. But  another wave came from Russia and Prussia in the 1870s settling in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. They are the back bone of the church in Manitoba. A stoic and faithful people. Anointing with oil is definitely not one of there things,as it has not been one of my things, but I know that this is something God is calling me to do. But I am fearful and standing in front of 4 different denominations of Mennonites plus a sprinkling of other church traditions this week, I knew once again that I was unable to overcome my fear. But God is good, my host announced at the end of the seminar that if anybody wanted to be anointed with oil then Michael has his bottle with him. I wanted the ground to open up! Two non-Mennonites came forward and for the first time with my own bottle i anointed  them with oil. I felt good the folk I anointed felt good. One of the two was blind and awaiting a cataract operation and I anointed the person for healing. My prayer is that the ministry that God has given me might bring healing to both the physically and spiritually blind so that we might be invitational disciples for Christ.